Thoughts Of Words…

Writing is something, while, selecting a topic is another. I can write what I’m feeling right now & can elaborate it in an essay-manner or I can comment on something & then justified it & wait for others to comment on it.

As the Bee Gees song goes, later render by Boyzone, “…It’s only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away…” I only have words and their thoughts to say. Like I can write on the topic that girls are getting more inclined to the person whose bank balance is high all through the 12 mos. & who own a house-palatial one will be a great-in Delhi or Kolkata or somewhere in any of the Metro city–it’s not me but a research dig this out.

But, I’ll not speak on this ’cause it’ll bring back the memory of this year April Fool Day when one of my friend had to heard from his love “I suddenly realized house & money is everything…” to the question why she have never thought before, when he had confessed to her that he’ll need time to give her the materialistic happiness and that too on their first date.

Yes you can curse her, but, wait.

What if I say she had become puppet to others thought that a boy is a suitable groom when he own a house and a hefty bank balance?

Yes, from girlhood parents taught their daughters that it’s money which should come first while going on for a groom. Love anyone but marry that one who is “expensive.” I know some of you’ll go “what the f***” & some will say “come on man confess it that she had played with him…”

But, it’s true.

Before you screamed at me or curse me, just sit down & think, girls, what your parents have taught to you when you’re growing up.

For boys I’ll say maintain a hefty bank balance & if possible own a house because she might love you but when it’ll come to marriage her mother or aunt or someone of that stature will scrutinized your economical aspect and if you’re handicap in that matter then be ready to fight against self-destructive mode.

Many of you might be laughing at me or might be calling me names like sadist or something like that. You can and should ’cause words are all you have, I have, we all have. But, I will request you, before cursing me or calling me name, sit back and think what I had said.

I, like many, believes in true love; that money or social stature doesn’t play a pivotal role in determining the feelings that we want to share with the one we love. But, I repeat, just sit back and think.

P.S. Oh man, I thought to write on words and how can they have thoughts of their own; but, at the end I had just written down on the role of money in love. I now should sit back and relax because I’m drained out and at loss of words; words for the topic I thought to write down have gone away with the wind; and have given rise to another topic with words whose thoughts are completely dependent on you my friend…

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