A Good Bye Note…

Daily Prompt: Exquisite

{A Sequel to Second Day in the Veil of Block}

It’s exquisite–I say to self as the moon rises beyond the mobile tower–

In the neighbor building; the moon is spreading its light, lightening the sky–

Of the city that is illuminated by the bluish neons and yellowish halogens.

The poet is not in the mirror; he’s standing beside me–looking pensive–

He’s silent and quiet against his usual nature of bullying me–

With his harsh verses and unscrupulous smile…

No, my friends, am not going to write another poem on my block–

With the words that just keep of coming out in a crude way–

I backspaced the word pop out, followed by much more…

Au revoir my friends; I’m going to take a leave for a day or days…

But I promise you when I’ll be back, I’ll try to gift you a beautiful poem…

The exquisite beauty is getting raised by minutes…my friends…

The poet (now) needs to sleep, shaded by memories–exquisite they’re–of her smile–

And wrap in the warmth–exquisite they were–of her breath when she used to kiss me…

5 responses to “A Good Bye Note…”

  1. […] beside me when I was struck in a poet-block. I still laugh when I think of her comment on the poem A Good Bye Note… (she had written–Hey! I’m not going to press a like for this and would […]


  2. Follow you,but i’ll read you tomorrow 💝

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    1. Will wait for your reviews and comments…

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  3. Hey! I’m not going to press a like for this and would like to save it for your new poem which I hope would appear soon. Take rest for a day or two but please come back for sure. Now you are a member of this WP family and families are never to leave…
    Take rest but come back for sure

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