Second Day in the Veil of Block

Second Day in the Veil of Block

Daily Prompt: Unseen


{A Sequel to Me, He & a Winter Morning }


The winter morning was there long ago–it seems, —

It’s the Sunday noon–

I’m still shrouded by the unseen veil of the block…it’s being long I had written…

As Bruce Springsteen sings “Working on A Dream…”,

The poet at mirror jumped and shows it annoyance–

As am not listening to him, his words on my incapability to write;

The rope of tussle–unseen–in my hundred years mind, encapsulated–

In my late twenties mind, though, having a gala time–

Splitting me between triptych of heartbreak in mid with muses on two sides.

My mind is torn, my hands are freezing–wants the warmth of words…

Oh words come to me, give my chiaroscuro thoughts their voice…

A laughter startled me; it’s from s’one unseen–the poet in the mirror has gone away…

I write down, as I struggle, theses lines with the words–

That pop out of mind with the progress of time, while, writing this poem…

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