The Whisper: Another Day In The Veil

Daily Prompt: Invitation


{A Sequel to A Goodbye Note…}


It was silent, when, a soft voice startled me, catching my senses…

It’s actually was an invitation to be out of my cocoon of being here…

I leave a breath, deep inhale it was and slow exhale it is, laziness embrace me–

More tightly; I hadn’t written for last few days by own wish, but, with a grudge–

To convince me, am not in a block, am not rejecting the invitation of ideas…

But I was tired at one moment, it was inevitable, so, I stopped letting the poet-block win…

(But) this invitation…this beckoning me pulling me strongly, like…like a boat to high tide

I don’t want to come out ’cause I want to be in the solace…in this solidarity…

I want to be alone, I want to be marooned, I want to be just left alone…

I think I’m turning into something like lunatic; I think this hold-up period seducing me–

Leading me to fall in love with it…(I think) my friend, you’re scared or worried about me–

Right now…but, don’t be…it’s just a period…a period of moving into another zone–

I think…the beckoningis getting strong, of the solidarity…–

So, friend, au revoir…forgive me for not keeping the invitation of breaking out…


6 responses to “The Whisper: Another Day In The Veil”

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  2. Oh the times in my life I can relate. Warmest thoughts your way.

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    1. Its my honor…thank you…

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  3. We all need this me time sometimes to rejuvenate, so its perfectly fine I guess! Take your time and when you come back decorate your blog with new ideas and beautiful writings! 🙂

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    1. Yes ma’am…you’re right

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