To You…

You’ve been there always by my side…

You’ve taught me how to get lost in alleys;

You’ve taught me how to cry being in the eve crowds.

You’ve been there when I was recognizing the turn of a day to night–

Standing on the footbridge at Gariahat looking at Bijan Setu with my friend Abhi…

You’ve witnessed my first kiss with Prothoma at the Lake–

I hold a grudge for that ’cause you hadn’t decorated the road with fallen leaves or flowers;

When my nervous tensed hand surrender itself to her slender little palm–

And there was no April rain or storm, but, a sultry cloudy Baisakh eve…

Years later (though) you had decorated a March eve in a somber color of the spring,

When I ended my years of solitude delving on the eyes and lips of Rupai–

At the garden of Victoria Memorial–how beautiful was the setting sunlight…–

She was looking beautiful with her teary eyes, tears that are of the first kiss…

(Yes) you were there when Rupai and before her Prothoma left me…

Leaving me from where I can’t return…

If you haven’t  been there I could be a hundred miles away from home–

Which I had been when Prothoma had left me…

But I had come back to you–a thousand time; have rediscovered you–a thousand time…

My dear darling Kolkata,

Whenever I’m down or just feel marooned or had delved in blue–

In the memoirs of broken vows and promises…

You’ve embraced me–

With your alleys and roads…–

(With) stories that can be found unspoken in the eyes of thousands…

My dear darling Kolkata…take me in your arms…–

Embrace me, please, in this cold noon (again) after a long time…–

(’cause) you all I had and have…

[From Poet’s Desk: This poem was written a few months ago in Bengali. I had translated in English a few days later from the day I had written in Bengali.]

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  1. I can feel your love for your city! I too love my Delhi just like that…and loved the way you described how it was always with you in your high and low.
    It’s actually true the place which are attached to our memories are locked inside our heart. Whenever we look back its not only that special event which we miss but the place too….

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  2. Lovely one.Think that your town is only space in universe that can inspire you.The love that you feel about it is attached to
    all your lines.

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    1. Sangbad says:

      Thank you…But, one thing, please don’t take any offense Kolkata is a metropolitan city not a town…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you and sorry🙇


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