Let’s Talk About It…Let’s Face It…Darling(s)

Thoughts of Words


To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

Friedrich Nietzsche

There’re many issues in our everybody’s everyday’s life. We speak of them s’times seldom and not in general. The primary reason for this is what’ll be other thinking or what’ll be other saying or what’ll be my image; that’s why we keep our mouth tight lipped. Another reason is it’s my problem, not yours…let me face it alone.

Critics are men who watch a battle from a high place then come down and shoot the survivors.–Ernest Hemingway

Yes, darling(s), everyone has own fight to fight, but, actually, it’s good to speak to someone regarding your fight. I don’t know how it’ll sound but that “someone” shouldn’t be your Papa or Mama or Didi or Dada but it should be a dear friend of yours.

There are friendships merely for pleasure…

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