Message In The Bottle: End of An Exile

Thoughts of Words

{A Sequel to The Whisper: Another Day In The Veil}

The mind is disturbed right now; Need fresh air–no it’ll be the breeze…

The poet stopped at this point and looked out at the young winter morning–

Outside of his big poster window…soft mild breeze was touching him–then and now.

The cold has been bidding adieu–a warmth can be felt under the breath–

For the last couple of days…

For last an hour, he is trying to write s’thing different than he had written–

In the present past; he want to write a poem imbued with hope and laughs

Not a sad and dark one with words that are blue and thoughts yellow like a dead leaf–

(That’s) coming out of the marooned feel after the love is gone–

And the posit memoirs in mind and soul…

The poet light a cigarette and pressed the backspace, the first and…

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