Discovery of A Manuscript & Its First Few Lines

15th January, ’17

2:00 AM

I’m struggling with a writer block for last seven days. Words and thoughts are just getting juxtaposed with each other creating a mess and increasing, in consequence, my suffering for not-writing. I was skimming through my old manuscripts which are assembled in a folder name “Store” when I came upon an old manuscript. The language was childish and the grammar was erroneous on the first page–as I read it absent-mindedly. An inner voice beckoned me to pick it up and read the full incomplete manuscript. So, I should go now and read my first attempt to write s’thing big…

From the Author’s Desk…

28th November 2014

After sitting for prolonged hours in front of the mirror and talking with my reflection most of the times; after taking lots of walks around the city; after emptying lots of cigarette pack I got the starting point of my story. But the hardships don’t end here.

Another round of aforesaid actions has gone to arrange the scattered and wandering memoirs and ideas.

I don’t know how to write memoirs but know how to write. So, if sometimes the fable becomes sluggish, which will happen at some points, forgive me because capturing time through writing is not always exciting and of the first pace.

I am going to stop now. And will let you delve in the Fable of Time.


4 responses to “Discovery of A Manuscript & Its First Few Lines”

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Words and commented:

    It is less than 24 hours…I’ll start telling Once, a part of The Fable of Time…before that the first sneak peak re-blogged to keep you update…to let you know the commencement of a journey if you had missed it or forget it…


  2. What a description of writer’s block! How true we sometimes can’t capture memories and time as we want to…or may be we are not yet ready for this!

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  3. Sangbad, I like how you describe your process, and you have made yourself a little vulnerable by telling us you were stuck with writers block. It is interesting than an older piece of writing somehow got your creative thoughts going again. I have found, myself, that at times going back to something I’ve written before helps me get out of the little blank struggle I am in. Kudos!

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    1. Thank you….Actually Ma’am, it’s a sneak peek…I’m going to start a serialized novel from February…so I thought, while being in block and going through the manuscript, why not let people think where am I going…

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