2 Poems: Successful

Daily Prompt: Successful

-1- Song of A (Setting) Spring Eve

The setting sun of the late-March was shining on the equestrian Lord Outram.*1

She looked at him, he looked at her; they both were nervous looking around–

Couples sitting side by side, kissing, hugging and holding each other.

The feat of successful was there, everywhere.

The boy smiled–callously,

The girl smiled–nervously.

The girl said, for the fourth or fifth time “let’s drop…”

She couldn’t complete–

He had captured her lips…

A tear rolled down from the eyes of the girl; the boy hold her to his chest–

Her tear mixed with sweat drew sign of being successful

On the light color tee of the boy–

Who hid his being successful

Dipping his face on her head…


 -2-The First Step To Being Successful

The floor was cold. His eyes shone with tenacity to be successful.

He looked around–she was there washing utensils,–

He was there at computer doing his elderly important jobs instead being with him.

He leave a breath–deep but light–and put aside the little plastic Dino;

He threw his leg–they were socked up to the knee. He slipped down the sofa–

(And) stand for a while, supporting on the sofa; he felt a tremble in his knee–

Spreading down to ankle; he felt cold penetrating the sock; He looked at her;

No she hadn’t observe him. He took his first nibble of being successful

Then trembling, running and holding the wall to the room where he wanted to be.

He, in his high voice, catching his breath, of being successful called out “Mama…”*2–

Startling me and Didi; he had sat down on the floor celebrating his successful first walk–

With a three teeth smile and a heavy panting, calling me in a loop. As I got up, I saw Didi–

Was gauging the distance ‘ween the sofa and the door to the room with blank eyes.

I sat down beside him, (and) he threw him on my lap calling my name and smiling…

*1. Lord James Outram’s equestrian statue was erected in 1874 at the Chowringhee-Park Street crossing. In 1958, it was replaced by one that of Mahatma Gandhi which was replaced in 1970 for digging of Calcutta Metro Railway. The statue of Lord James Outram now is located at Victoria Memorial in the north-east corner of the garden surrounding the Memorial.

*2 Maternal Uncle in Bengali and few more Indian languages like Hindi.



6 responses to “2 Poems: Successful”

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  2. Loved this one Sangbad! I’m honored to know such a talented writer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ma’am am pink in shyness…at loss of words–thank you seems to be inappropriate wording…

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      1. Just keep smiling and writing 🙂

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  3. LOVE the visual! And, intriguing voice on your Part 1 and Part 2, Sangbad! Looking forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Theresa Ma’am…will try to keep you anticipated and make you surprised with my writings

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