Discovery of Two Manuscripts: Start of A Journey



S’how the writing had got erased…will write that…but, still you can go to Chapter 1 of Once…follow the link below…




5 responses to “Discovery of Two Manuscripts: Start of A Journey”

  1. Loved your description of writer’s block! Anyone struggling to get thoughts to tumble out of their heads and onto the blank page can completely relate! I look forward to your serialized novel in February!

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    1. has started today…find it in Once


    2. And if you are into poem you can read more writing of mine during that phase in Exile under Anthology…

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  2. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Words and commented:

    Few hours left to begin the Once from The Fable of Time…here’s the second sneak peek of the prologue to let you make note I’ll start telling a fable name Once…


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