Two: Aide & Portrait

Daily Prompt: Filter


I woke up, thirsty,–

Nightmare…empty bottle.

Empty water filter, aide….


Clicked…third time.

But something missing.

I looked at her, then the photos,-

Again looked at her, and, I know the missing.

Turned off the filter and clicked. Beautiful being BLUE at last.

From Poet’s Desk:

I came upon the Sidlak while going through the fellow blogger friend blog radhikasreflection. It’s a structured poem. The rule is following:

  1. Consisting of 5 lines
  2. 3-5-7-9 syllables
  3. And a color. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.

I had taken a couple of liberty in the last line–first, the number of syllables not mentioned. So I used +2 from the last line, as the pattern goes. So it’s 11. Secondly, used the COLOR norm as feelings of the subject, not following any of the set rules.

Hope, if she or anyone know this format well will accept my liberties I had taken. And will feel free to comment on these steps.

Painting: A Young Beauty With Flowers In Her Hair by Albert Lynch (1851–1912)

23 responses to “Two: Aide & Portrait”

  1. […] and re-going through the rules–I was struck at last line syllables count–completed  Two: Aide & Portrait. “Aide” was the haiku and “Portrait” was the sidlak. I left a note, after […]


  2. I will try my best but can’t promise as I only write what my feelings dictate me in free verses but would love to give it a try…

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    1. you have to…will wait to read it…

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  3. Good going you all wonderful and my favorite people! I wish I could be a part too but I never tried a haiku and this sidlak is new too…
    Sangbad hats off to your courage and Radhika Always so innovative wirh her versatility! Theresa an expert on collaboration! So all the best to you all! Would love to see this new project develop 💖👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ma’am you have to give a shot…its an urdent request from your ardent follower

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