Table of Content: Site Map

A map shows the way to s’thing or s’place or both. Here’s the map to my Thoughts of Words to help my readers to navigate around.


Its an intro of mine and to my objects and purposes.


The title refers to the rare meaning of the poem. It contains all the poems excluding the one in Anthology divided into three parts:

Romance: The word “Romance” in title render its meaning in the term to the chivalric literature of the High Medieval Period (1001 AD-1300 AD) and Early Modern Europe (roughly between late 15th century and late 18th century). The section contains the poems that showcase bravery and sacrifice of soldiers.

Melancholy: The section contains Death Poems & Sad Love Poems that are sad and melancholy in nature.

Imagery & All: This section contains poems based on imagery genre or similar to that. “All” implies the poems that I couldn’t put under mentioned sections.

Erotica: The name says it all.


The poems or haiku I had written in response to daily prompts of one (or two) word(s). 

  • Daily
  • Just Jot 
  • Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge
  • Three Lines Tale
  • Finish off Fridays


A collection of series of poems written on a theme. There are:

Exile: Poems I had written during a Poet Block I faced s’times back.

Are We? : Events or questions or stories that let me question myself, my existence, my thoughts. 

Kolkata: Poems written about my city, for my city.

Two: A pair of poems under the same title on two varied themes (contrasting mostly).

(Is It) Love or (Is It) Lust: A Trilogy of an Erotic Story-Poem.

Florilegium of Haiku:

Haiku is an old type of poem written in Japan. The word haiku itself is an ancient old one, so, to rhyme with it florilegium is being used which means collection in old English. Here the haiku I had written are collected.

Let’s Talk:

It’s my essay corner where I speak on random topics, where I review movies & books I had seen and read respectively and where I tried to speak and share my idea on an issue like depression. There are three sections right now under this:

Books, Movies & All: Review of the movies I saw & books I read.

Random Thoughts: Nothing specific just want to talk on.

Let’s Talk: Till now speaking on depression. Sharing some ideas to fight with this phase. 

A Fable of Time:

My most ambitious project till date. It’s sort of autobiographical fiction written on my adolescence period to capture that time (a try). It’s being serialized with new episodes on every Saturday started from first Saturday of February. I have decided to segmented it into few sections. The first section, I’ve name Once.

100 Words:

Some ideas can’t be written in any form of the poem. They need to be a story. So this contains stories in 100 words.

An Anthology: Writings of Blogger Friends:

I re-blog the blog of my blogger friend which I liked and want more to read that or which caught my fascination.


Sometimes I re-blog own blog to get notice or to let other know I had written that. Yes, it sound like boasting but I sometimes do that to catch your attention.

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