Acrostic: Laugh of Solace

Daily Prompt: Resist

Remembering our time, I can’t resist (self)

Exaggerating your loss, I can’t resist (self)

Shhh…memories demand when I declare

I shall resist myself to write another sad poem.

Should you be able to resist that

The question you’ll ask, as always, when I

Resist self to write anything, and, chose the nothing…

Exactly at that moment,

Solace laughed or is it this monotonous life that

I am leading that laughed on me–I can’t decide.

So, being lost, I sat down and

Type out another sad poem, erasing the resist and all…

8 responses to “Acrostic: Laugh of Solace”

  1. A beautiful acrostic….resist!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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