Are We Taking Care? #3



Its the shelter for the homeless, 

Its the haven they are looking for…

The words of old Old King seems to be echoed–

As the old mason woke up that morning.

He look around.

For last twenty years it is home–

Which will now, from next day, not.

He walked around the room and look at the plaque,–

Sculptures he had worked on for last two decades.

A knocking sound caught his attention.

It’s the sound of hammer on the chisel, hitting in a loop.

It’s his son engraving the new declaration;

declaration of banishment.

His neighbor a poet, meanwhile, suffering from a block–

Scribbled on parch-

art we taking careth of our owneth?

art we becoming selfish yond to beest in haven not rising voice.

art we taking careth of our owneth…

Inspired by American President Donald Trump’s declaration for an end to all Muslim immigration into the United States


From Poet’s Desk:

The modern English translated to Shakespearian English with the help of

In Modern English, the lines written by the poet are:

are we taking care of our own?

Are we becoming selfish that to be in havennot rising voice…

Are we taking care of our own…

5 responses to “Are We Taking Care? #3”

  1. Once block gone, a rising writer, poet is emerging fast…

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