Tetraptych of Escapade: Smile, Muse, Gift & Freedom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude




Loneliness and solitude



Under the breath tenderness, when the

Day bid and

Evening arrives…


she Smiled at me, when–

                                                                I loOked at her…I–

                                                             get cLoser to her…

                                                               she Inclined

                                                                    To me…she–

smiled sUbtly.

I toucheD lips–

of solitudE



is this, the silence

Gifted by some one whom I

Have forgotten? Really, asked friend

Solitude, smiling wryly, as I saw in the light of BLUE tinted glass…


This tetraptych is

                                  my solace, my freedom from

 this blue solitude

From Poet’s Desk:

 Want to write s’thing big divided into sections. This thinking give rise to this Tetraptych–combination of four forms of poem writing-

1. Acrostic

2. Mesostic

3. Sidlak

4. Haiku

Click “Sidlack” to know more of it.

Now a part of Solitude: Lamp Light by What’s (In) The Picture?

Painting: Solitude by Ellen Dreibelbis


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