Let’s Talk About It…Let’s Face It…Darling(s)-II



The winter is already bidding adieu as the coldness of the northern breeze getting mild and a subtle warmth getting importance. You know this period of transition very well. It’s the spring that’s knocking on the door. So why not open the windows of your room to get the spring come in. You don’t want to, I think ’cause you’ve started loving the loneliness, you’re finding yourself to be comfortable in the distressed state of heartbreak.


I got it. But, am not going to leave you, am going to pressurize you with the continuation of the talk I was having with you two weeks ago (Let’s Talk Of It…Let’s Face It…Darling(s)).


Today am going to take you out of your room, of your cozy haven; out of your whatever state you are in now. Boys, shaven up, and, girls, applied face pack, we need to take a walk. Now don’t say, don’t gurgle the word “fuck off, man…I’m not in the mood…I’m happy with this situation” I’ll not listen to you. Get up the lazy bone(s); crack your knuckles and rub off the veil of sadness.

To-eve, we’re going to take a walk. I know, you might be still grumbling and cursing me. You can continue that while we take the walk. You know this walk can work as an escapade to the distress situation you’re in.


A few weeks ago, I was feeling very much blue, very much marooned, very much neglected. So, what I did, while returning from office, one eve (that week my shift was Morning Shift) I get down from my office bus much ‘fore my stoppage–about 1 km from my home. I put on my headphone, tune into sad songs playlist (my favorite playlist that time) and started walking. By the way, came Acropolis Mall. A sudden idea struck me. I enter the mall and roam around, trying clothes at All-Plus of Pantaloons and then end up at the food court. I had a Sub and a Krusher. When I came out of the mall, I felt a lightness, a shade of freedom. I put on the headphone, light a cigarette (trying to quit these days) and put on Enrique Iglesias curated playlist. I started walking back to home. When my journey ended, I felt more free, less worried.


From that day I take a walk whenever I feel low or have the similar feeling I had talked of. Yes, I still miss her, she still remembrance me of the good and happy moments we shared. But, at the end of the day, I want to be happy. So, I take a walk with headphone playing Beethoven or Mozart or Bach or Pandit Rabi Shankar or anything like that. When I don’t want to hear them, I turned into Enrique Iglesias, Bruce Springsteen, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez or new Bengali or Hindi movies songs. S’time, the headphone remain folded in pockets of my trousers I wore and I got delve into the cacophony, into the noise of the crowds.


Darlings, before throwing away hours in weeping and cursing self or him or her stop. Period. Look at the mirror, and, look at yourself. You’ll see a different you and, darling(s), you know one thing, you’ll not like “you”. That might push you in more marooned condition. But, listen to me, you need to face it and you’ve to say it in loud voice or under the voice in form of chanting “I hate you…” This relieves a lot of stress.


The evening is coming down in my city. And I need a walk today; no I’m not blue, but, it’s an addiction I’ve grown fond to. I love this brisk walks ’cause it clears my mind, it clears all the stress caused due to the monotony of the urban life.


Get up, buckle up. We need to take a walk to-eve because if we wait for the perfect moment, it’ll never come; we’ve had to begin now or it’ll be never…




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