Leverage of Freedom


She sell sea…she stopped murmuring as s’thing big and unpolished touched her hand. She squatted on the beach dropping her collected pebbles and while enacting i’m picking up my dropped pebbles. She picked the one that had touched her hand. She scrubbed the top of sandy mud and saw its glittening–I think it’s precious. The guard came to see what’s taking so long to pick the pebbles up;she quickly hid it in her pocket and picked up the dropped pebbles. Its going to be my leverage…to him…for my freedom. She continued what she was murmuring ‘fore.

Painting: Greek Girls Picking Up Pebbles by Frederick Leighton (1830-1896)

Microfiction Challenge: Looking for Pebbles by Jane Doughtery Writes



  1. I like how you single out one girl rather than writing about the group, and you have noticed that they don’t seem happy doing what they’re doing. To go from that to a sort of forced labour idea is an imaginative leap that works really well.

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