I turned my wheelchair, the minute countdown of the microwave neared to end; there should be no beep, otherwise, she’ll get awake and then, finding me here, she’ll drive me out of here. I hadn’t taken the sleeping pill last night–an outrageous action it was; she’ll scream at me I know very well; but, I also know when I’ll put up that child-like smile–you just know how to stop me she’ll say ‘fore embracing me to her bosom. Honey, let’s go to sleep now; I’ll adore your creation at breakfast–she was standing there, but, for how long?

From Author’s Desk:

It’s week 54 of the Three Line Tales & week 3 for me. After Daily Prompt, this challenge by Sonya let me delve into deep of my thoughts and bring out s’thing different and that too only in story. This one I had tried s’thing light & romantic for Three Line Tales #54.

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