His steps were stammering. The drizzle had decreased thirty minutes ago, after a heavy spell. There was shawl enveloping s’thing on his back–in darkness it can’t be determine. Halt…who goes there…He remain silent. So…it’s you…the bounty hunter smiled wryly. He grasping breath said later…she need warmth…The news had spread at great extent crossing the mountains–daughter of Mayor had been again abducted–twice in a week, even, after a ransom. The latter was truth but the former not. They’ve fallen in love in those two days. He pulled her up, she had slipped down a little.

From Author’s Desk: The title is like a metaphor. Two men and the lady are s’how captive in varied ways. The theme flame also being treated in same manner as the man asked for warmth.

In response to Thursday Photo Prompt


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