(When) days on my end was warm and spring,

(When) days on your end was cold and autumn,

We met at that time, at the loin of transition period–

Characterize with humid and tropical.

(Though) you were aware of the fact that quietude love me,

              solitary seduce me

(But) you still fall in love with me being aware of the fact–

that I will not be able to love you full heartedly.

Time passed. We get close. You made love reality to me.

As I create enmity with quietude and solitariness (and)

Get close to you, I knew this was what forever means.


Time passed. We get apart. You made hurt reality to me.

As I search for the path to the solitary…to the quietude,

Forever greet me, only to make me a prisoner of the season–

                           we share,

                              we spent…


Standing now at the cliff, taking a chance to escape from the forever,

I’m writing this poem to let you know–

I don’t love you…I don’t hate you…I hold no grudge for you…

The feelings or phase, whatever suits you, I’m in is s’where–

                            Between this all…

Daily Prompt: Aware

Loveuary 17.1 by Ritu Bhathal (But I Smile Anyway…)