Haiku for 7 Days (6)



Hug me, so that I

 can hear your heartbeat, can feel

your warmth, your breath…




Rain pouring heavy

But she was happy because

he was hugging her…



8 thoughts on “Haiku for 7 Days (6)

  1. My gleanings from the internet:
    Haiku: The general consensus is: That it should all be written in lower case, upper case can be applied to proper nouns, but only out of politeness. Rhyming, punctuation is not permitted, stay clear of adjectives, and of course stick to the format, re syllables 5-7-5 or less. The one main point is the content, be it human nature, or natural. Both your poems above, to mind are haiku, based on there reference, the first, human nature, the second natural.
    the world in need
    trump will not can not help
    the fool must go
    the world in need
    trumped by global warming
    natures dying

    Going back to:
    your quest for knowledge
    befitting of a scholar
    enjoy the challenge

    Not sure now that the above can be interpreted as a senryu, but by replacing the 1st 2 words with your blog name it has become one.

    Sangbad’s quest knowledge
    befitting of a scholar
    enjoy the challenge

    All with much respect, take care, and may have great week,



    1. Thanks for this…for a few time I have been researching on this Haiku…these findings are great help to me to understand the form…last week I had written an article on my tryst with Haiku…Few Words: A Long…thanks a ton again for this insightful infos

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      1. There is a lot of controversy out there with most, if not all of the Japanese poetry themes. There all written with good intent, but I found that the one thing the majority agree with, is the syllable counts. Glad I could be of some assistance, you never know I might come seeking yours one day. Take care,



        1. Am always ready to help others seeking my assistance though it might be limited but I try my best to make it fullest…my article on Haiku is thus dedicated to and written for those who want to try this form of poetry…

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