It’s Not Going To Be Today

When it comes to writing a story we follow the dialogue and scene format…there are many forms of a story like a flashback, epistolary, etc…but, they adhere to the defined format of dialogue and scene…why not write a story where there’ll be scene and songs…why not write a story in poem (written by self) and songs (listen to or written self)…

It’s Not Going To Be Today had been written when this idea struck me a few days before Valentine’s Day…the poems are written by me while the songs are the songs I listen to (few of them are my favorite)…hope you’ll enjoy this my approach telling a love story…and please comment not only hit Like…I want to know your words (reviews) very much more than anything…

The days were young,

Summer of 69-Bryan Adams

We were too–me and my friends…

We used to cycle through the maze of alleys,

We used to fall in love, then and now,

Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison

We used to break up, then and now,

We used to remain low for few days.

                                                                                       Right Here Waiting-Richard Marx

But nothing stopped us from falling in love–

In a loop…

                                                                        Nikita-Elton John

I was different, I was sole witness to all.

Nothing, no one catches my fascination.

It’s My Life-Dr. Alban

Then one summer eve,

after a (pro)long hot days, the rain came–

In my life; I saw her, I fall in love with her.

Uptown Girl-Billy Joe

She doesn’t look at me, but, noticed me…

I had my eyes on her, she knew that…

She’s Like The Wind-Patrick Swayze

Then one eve our eyes met–

She was at her roof–she was our new neighbor…

I was at mine–recovering from a bout of illness…

For The First Time–Kenny Loggins

We went out some days later after school–

Making excuse to elders for extra classes…

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Savage Garden

And then again, after some days later, and again…

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life-Bill Medley &

Jennifer Warnes

I still remember the night, that night, I sneak–

Into her roof to see the comet shower that night–

with her…

Can You Feel The Love Tonight-Elton John

Her smell had enthralled me as she lie there in my arms,

first, and, then moving to my bosom ‘fore kissing me–

On my cheek and then lips…the memory is yellow

but has not faded still now, as you see…

I Knew I Loved You-Savage Garden

She had fallen asleep clutching me–as I stroke her long hair…

The comets had showered that night…

But, neither of us had seen that…

She slept biting her lips, breathing softly;

I kept looking at her and cursing the interim drowsiness…

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing-Aerosmith

The good time, but, had to come to an end…

We get caught by our elder’s collaboration–

As a friend of mine who had fallen for her–

Passed on our under-the-breath love story…

Papa Don’t Preach-Madonna

Though we met, s’time climbing the pipe to her room–

when e’one, except us, fallen asleep…

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You-Bryan Adams

S’time I used to call her. Her friend was the aide.

I Just Call To Say I Love You-Stevie Wonder

I remember that night, when, we met at her balcony–

That day I had received the letter–

Admission in a University in London…

Her eyes were watery. Mine also.

I Love You–Celine Deon

We embrace. We kiss.

She stopped me. But I’ve to go.

When I come back, I’ll bring your wedding ring…

Leaving On A Jet Plane–John Denver

The days were long at first.

Her eyes, her kiss, her smell…all of her

I missed so much…

She wrote once–

When I need you

I just close my eyes and I’m with you…

When I Need You–Celine Deon

That day it was a blizzard day in London…

I still couldn’t make what made me shiver–

The temperature or her letter…

She said she had got married–

To keep her father’s word who was on the deathbed…

Sacrifice–Elton John

It’s being a decade and a half…

I still love her…many had come…

But nothing enchanted me…

I Will Always Love You–Whitney Houston

Still at night, when I saw a comet,

when a gust of the fall at night touch me–

I find her standing beside me,–

her head on my shoulder and hand clasp with mine…

Every Night In My Dream-Celine Deon

I know we’ll meet again…

It’s not going to be today…

(It’s going to be) someday…

It’s Not Goodbye–Laura Pausini 

The idea of this song-poem struck me, when I came across the Music Prompt # 74 – “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri – Valentine’s Day Special.  Though it doesn’t meet their guidelines of submission, but, still submitting for consideration.

Also submitting for consideration to The Nostalgia Diaries for The Music Monday.

Loveuary Day #14

22 responses to “It’s Not Going To Be Today”

  1. this is an amazing idea. i really like it


    1. Thank you for the read and liking it…working on another one…


      1. Okay. Can’t wait then.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What an idea this is. You did it very well, Sangbad. 🙂


    1. Thanks Asha…working on another one…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow. Get it up. Shall wait.


        1. yup…thanks for Follow…it’s a pleasure…meanwhile roam around my Thoughts…there may be few more which you may like…and am still waiting for your reviews on the mentioned ones…


          1. Oh yes… I’m taking my time sauntering through the woods of your words.


            1. a smiley…I’ve used the nickname for my blog…that is what I call it Thoughts…enjoy your time and if you get lost don’t get scared…because it’s a new world you’ll reach and I can assure you you’ll like it a lot…


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