Retrouvailles (Tetraptych)


 How will be the day

If we meet again after…

Say…ten years from now…

Will it be a spring eve or

Will it be an autumn morn…


Words will flow easily

Or silent that has

Resulted from old

Deposited ego will win…

Silent or forgiving…which’ll win…



Will open the door to

the time we

left behind…

We know is long forgotten…

how will be that day?


An incomplete dream it was…the never-end leads to long of meeting you again years after…we’ve been looking at each other–silently & stealthily…our eyes meet then and now…you called me up and asked–

The question that has

remain unasked, want to know,

will you reply to that…

Dedicated to Her…

From Poet’s Desk:

  1. Tanka
  2. Acrostic
  3. Shadorma
  4. Haibun

The poem is written in Tetraptych format, a format I had invented to write down a poem in 4 different formats by segmenting it into 4 sections and keeping the last portion to be a Haiku or Haibun. 

The entire poem is inspired by A Sudden Encounter by Rabindranath Tagore. It can be considered as a free recreation of that poem with the Haibun to be a completely free translation of a portion of that poem. 

The title Retrouvailles is a French word meaning happiness of meeting again after a long time.

I would like to thanks, in this context, Meenakshi (Sethi) Ma’am who has always supported and whose words has pushed me to explore new areas in poem/poetry writing and Jane Dougherty whose poems taught me to experiment fearlessly…


17 responses to “Retrouvailles (Tetraptych)”

  1. So I guess you are ready to be known as Scientific Poet Sangbad! This is brilliant ⭐


    1. did you recognize the poem of Tagore?

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      1. Yes it sounds so familiar. Very popular poem. What was it ?


        1. Hothaat Dekha Rail Garir Kamrae

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          1. Aacha …! Wow good rendition..


            1. You’re Bengali, right?

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Of course I’m . A typical one.


            3. tahole Englishe bokte bhalo lagena sobsamay…FBte friend request pathao…majhe madhye adda debo…lekha r jta mon chae…spotti ache? karon amio typical Bong…a big smile smiley…


            4. Fb ami jai na kenona okhane kichu interesting pai na.


            5. oh acha…hmm…amio jaina serkm…sudhu oi mashe ekbar pic chng r kobitagulor response chk korte jai

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            6. Fb e kobita dao..okhane bhalo response pao?


            7. amar ei WP link kora ache…ekhane post hole okhane hoy jae…ekhno abdhi bhaloi response pachi

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            8. O accha ..very good. 🙂


            9. hmm…cholo pore adda hobe…picta change korlm dkho

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