A Question That Haunts Me (Traveller Poem)



Water, foamed and proud, clapping on the rock.

Dock was vacant; silence present in interim.

Cream of waves leaving mark, on beach, in dusted eve light

Flight of seagulls were in hurry to return home as it was late.

Net of evening spreading fast, overrunning the time.

Time–strike me hard. Father had gone and it was being quite a while.

Mile away he had gone, as I know at this age of mine.

Shine…I say the North Star as it shone.

Alone on the dock,

Rock, I’m sitting on, was all I had, that eve, whom to I could confess.

Princess, my Knucklehead, standing far away.

Bay of stars becoming prominent in sky above it.

Did he never thought of me? Not once…never ever…

Water, foamed and proud, clapping on the rock.



From Poet’s Desk:

This Traveller poem was my first attempt in Serpent’s Tail format. Thanks to Jane Dougherty (Jane Dougherty Writes) for sharing the knowledge and teaching me on this format. To read more of Traveller poems visit Traveller.

By Sangbad

A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.


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