Soliloquy of Sherlock Holmes


bosc-05[From the reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D., Late of the Army Medical Department, reprinted in The Adventure of the Final Problem (December 1893):

…When I was near the bottom of the descent I looked back. It was impossible, from that position, to see the fall, but I could see the curving path which winds over the shoulder of the hills and leads to it. Along this a man was, I remember, walking rapidly.

I could see his black figure clearly outlined against the green behind him. I noted him, and the energy with which he walked, but he passed from my mind again as I hurried on upon my errand.]


Sherlock Holmes: Yes, I am sure…that letter, I know pretty well, was false… there is no English sick lady, seeking an Engish doctor’s consultation before she passed away, at Englischer Hof…that boy, the messenger, was an aide of the Professor…I knew beforehand that that day, after we passed over Gemmi, at the border of Daubensee, the rock was an attempt…what’s that moving up…oh…here he comes…the lean figure is moving rapidly up the path…as if a crow walking, instead of flying, up to me…I should take the step of stepping over him like I had done in recent past, but, this time in a more vigorous way…London will now remain calm for the time being…here he comes…


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix: 11th February 2017

Illustrations in the piece are the one drawn by Sidney Edward Paget (1860-1908). The illustration of Dr. Watson was for The Boscombe Valley Mystery (1891) while the other four illustrations were for The Adventure of the Final Problem (1893) and procured from The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia. The featured image of Reichenberg Fall has taken from Toronto Public Library site. 



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