That Eve…

Three Line Tales, Week 55


I’m not afraid a’more, instead, I has grown a strong likeness to the act; I’m one of the Five Emeralds, kept aside for the masquerade Novenary–the highest bidder got the Emerald at each bid trimming the number of both sides–captives and their hunters. There’s they has raised the hand; the white light goes on in the glass cage number one, I’m in the number two. Hey, what’s that…I know that tattoo on the wrist…his name in French…he’s a prominent figure in the revolt against materialising women for pleasure and above all we’re going to  celebrate our second marriage anniversary ‘morrow. 

[The man is true, the event is false to write a harsh reality I had faced in recent past.]


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  1. Another nasty little tale. Well told.


    1. Sangbad says:

      Define nasty…I can’t get it…


      1. Unpleasant, makes you feel as though you’ve eaten something bitter.


        1. Sangbad says:

          Okay…sometime bitter is good I think…had pingback you my first attempt at Serpent Tail poem…


            1. Sangbad says:

              Oh okay…you can find it under the name A Question That Haunts Me (Traveller Poem)…


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