The Fiftieth Guinea Pig



She looked at the clock–quarter to twelve. She found herself naked. Last night I was drunk after my…fiftieth guinea pig dies…at noon…I went to the beach…there was a ship…docked at distance…there were seagulls…at eve…I went to bar…then…She closed her eyes and recollect the dream from the night. A giant guinea pig on her back at a beach while a seagull look at her and a ship docked at a distance. I broke up with her…Her hand went down as if they’re making love after a quarrel.

For Sunday Strange Microfiction Challenge (01/29/2017) by Jane Dougherty


Painting by Antek Wajda

5 responses to “The Fiftieth Guinea Pig”

  1. It has such multiple meanings behind it, it touched my heart! One could laugh at the painting but oh, the art behind it. The microfiction and the painting, both Marvellous👌

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    1. Thanks a ton for the appreciation…

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  2. That’s as good an interpretation as any 🙂

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    1. Thank you…its my pleasure you find it good…

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