Two (Haiku): Hold & Whisper


The following Haiku I had written few days back in comments to my two blogger friends. Collecting them under my Two collection and sharing with more of you. 



griefs all we have
forever to hold or to leave
we have to decide


This was written to comment on TRANSLATE MY PAIN by GRIEF POETRY. Few first lines from the poem was like this:

If I could translate my pain into color
It would be black
Because all I see is deep darkness
A darkness black in color
If I could translate my pain into food
It would be pizza
Because it is round with no end in sight 



depth of ache brings the
words out of whisper of the
all unspoken thoughts



This was written to in reply to a comment by Meenakshi (Sethi) Ma’am on my poem SONG OF SACRIFICED SOULS: THE LOVE NOTES & THE AUTUMN GUST (TANKA)



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