One More Untitled Poem/Poetry

Cacophony of passing traffics,

Excitement of home-returning

colleagues; peppered with throwing

remarks-curse and calling names

I took a breath deep and looked

at her–from behind my shades.

First we smiled at each other–

and then slur took place ‘ween us.

It’s being long am clung

To yellow leaves of winter.

It’s being long am longing

For farewell of the spring.

But, this noon, after she bid–

I find a solace all of a sudden;

Her slim smile on her lips–

And twinkling of her eyes–

From behind the fallen lock

All I hold on now and long.

As spring slur an old memory

I leave again a deep blue breath–

Is it just the moment or s’thing else…

Is it beckoning of a new afresh start…

I looked at my wristwatch

I don’t trust you…


(I) don’t believe you…

As of now, as I sat alone

Letting spring eve breeze

Musing with me…

Making me pensive more–

with passed on seconds

A smile and sparkling eyes

Hold me back with hope–

New…a long lost founded–


Am not excited…

Am not depressed…

Am tired for being long in captive…

For being rejecting the silver lining…

And s’how all these has become mulch

Covering all the emotions….

Based on a true happening

For Daily Prompt: Slur


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