My Friend Songs…


Dear Ritu Bhathal,


Today you’ve shared song devoting the day to friends. So, I also dedicating songs to my friends from all phase of my till-life:

  1. Summer of 69: To all my College buddies.
  2. Yaaron (Rockford): To my School Friends
  3. Yeh Dosti (Sholay): To Suman, we’re celebrating 24 years of friendship this year. He introduces me to others as “we’re brothers from different mothers…and we’ve remain separated for 5 years only after birth…
  4. You Raise Me Up (Josh Gorban): To my Five including Suman. With them, I share friendship for more than a decade and near to two decades. They are always there whenever I yelled “help” or I want to curse a’one or whenever I need a shoulder to cry on. They also tolerated my gibberish at my early days of being a poet.




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