Those Eyes of Yours

roused soul closed eyes night

breeze few memories vivid

thought long forgotten

finding a way to torment

the weakened suffering soul

The Tanka was inspired by a poem Tere Ankhon Se Hi (Those Eyes of Yours) of Gulzar which I had also tried to translate (free-translation):

The morn drew curtain of horizon as you open your eyes, 

The night drop its laziness as you close your eyes

Your eyes feel like some infallible chasm that need awakening…

When those lids get open the vision get resonated, in a manner,—

As if it’s the long of devotees getting a voice in chants of Mandir

And when you drop them, it feels like the conclusion of Azaan

Your eyes…the pensive, composed, serene eyes of yours…

By those eyes of yours, veracity get define

By those eyes of yours, the actuality get define

Dedicated to Her

Daily Prompt: Vivid