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Grief Poetry


To see a man’s tears fall down his masculine face
Is the most scary scene in the universe
To see a man break down because of grief
Is the most terrifying sight in the world
When a man cries
You know his soul is leaving his being
His heart cannot contain any more emotion
He cannot hide his brokenness any longer
To see a man fall on his knees in serious sobs
Is the most horrific moment you will ever see
To see a man cover his face as tears fall down his cheeks
Is the most humbling minute you will ever witness
When a man cries
You know his manhood is shaken
His mind cannot comprehend the loss
He cannot hide his unsureness anymore
To see a man’s tears run freely down his face
Is the most spectacular moment you will ever experience
A man’s tears
The alchemy of…

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            1. a shy smiley…I do it sometime if I feel to…the article I mentioned was inspired by two ladies post …when you’ll read it you’ll know why…


            2. It’s a little hard to wade through all these lovely posts, without reading them. Ahhahhaha! Could you please help me with the link, if that’s not much of a trouble.


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