The Ghostwriters

No one believes him that he had been listening to voices at midnight, at calm silent noon.

He looked absently the illustration in the ghostwritten manuscript. A harper, two children, a crowd seems like to be sort of priests or from the choir; there’s a  dinosaur or some sort of lizard peeping from the corner. He had seen this painting somewhere. He felt suddenly relaxed and dizzy at the same time as a humming sound reached him. The belly of the grasshopper, that was sitting on the staircase’s railing ball, opened and three little elves jumped out of it.

Inspired by the tale The Elves and The Shoemaker

Friday Fictioneers 03/08/2017                                   


 Photo Credit Shaktiki Sharma                                                

Sunday Strange Microfiction 03/05/2017


Painting by Hans Thoma (1839-1924)

18 responses to “The Ghostwriters”

  1. What an imaginative story, loved it!


    1. Thank you for stopping by & reading my story

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  2. To all the Friday Fictioneers, thanks for your help through reviews and comments…soon I’m going to write a story based on this Microfiction…will share with you all…thank you very much…


  3. Nice effort and, as you can see, the members of this group are all here to help!

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