Life Trilogy (A Traveller’s Prose Poem)




Three Line Tales Week #58

The Present…

Looking at life from the other side of the gridded fence; memories, achievements, failures seems to form a cumulonimbus cloud–impregnated with moments.



Photo: Frank Jansen

100 Word Wednesday Week #8, Bikur Gurl

The Past…

Watching life seems to be looking at the ruin that’s standing on the bank of time or an old building with moments, spoke ‘fore, as old discolored, dismantled advertisements–a set of souvenirs.


Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba

100 Word Wednesday: Week #9, Bikur Gurl

The Future…

Peeping unnecessary ’cause the journey I am on, on my Knucklehead, is shrouded with the questions that life has kept hidden under the cumulonimbus cloud and will reveal at right time.


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18 responses to “Life Trilogy (A Traveller’s Prose Poem)”

  1. I love how you joined the images together to create a larger story than only one on its own could tell…what a creative way to provide imagery, beautiful words, and poetry together! Thank you so much for joining us this week — I look forward to reading more 🙂

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    1. Thank you…its my pleasure you like this attempt of mine…if you want you can go through my Thoughts (my blog)…

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      1. Thank you kindly — I look forward to it!

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        1. Will wait for your comments

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  2. […] Life Trilogy (A Traveller’s Prose Poem) – Thoughts of Words […]


  3. Great combo. Definitely appreciable the way you combined the 3 prompts.. 🙂

    Brilliance! 🙂

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    1. Thank you…let me confess I always wanted to hear your review…at last it happened…thank you again for reading my poem and reviewing it…

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      1. Pleasure.

        I am trying my best to catch as many blogs as I can (Works! ehh!). I am glad I did not miss this one. 🙂

        I will be definitely be back soon! Very soon. 🙂 Thank you so much.You are very kind.

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        1. Pleasure is mine also…hope to read your review soon

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  4. Past, present, and future: Looking good! Cool image
    ☁️🌥☁️knucklehead😉☁️☁️ Best wishes always in your journey. Appreciate your follow

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    1. Knucklehead is a Harley Davison model name…to know more of the journey you can read other poems by clicking the link given and you’ll know few bit more…thank you for the appreciation…

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      1. 😄 I’m so glad you told me! I will check it out.😂 I’m so sorry I was off the radar on that one


        1. It’s okay that’s why I left the note of link at the end in red to catch attention of readers…

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  5. A great post, loved the thought reflected on the first picture.

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    1. Thank you…Happy Holi

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      1. Happy holi to you too dear.

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