the sky is white

the mountains are visible

the city sky is illuminated

(already) by the neon, the halogen

but, the brightest is the moon that is full

she shine silently, softly, alone 

the runner looks at it just like a passerby 

the seekers look at it and leave a pensive breath

the moon smile on them and calm them with its beauty

the runner will never feel the serenity

the runners will never get how does it feel

Daily Prompt: Record

14 responses to “Moon”

  1. Whatever I say is going to be an understatement. It is phenomenal. 🙂


    1. a smiley…thank you

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  2. What about the seekers, can they get the moon’s feeling


    1. yup…like the poet got…there are many like the poet who feel a calm and a compose at heart and soul when the moon shine bright…and feel her loneliness and the radiant smile she spread…

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        1. can you read one article of mine…it’s title M: A Tale of Period and comment on it

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            1. will wait for the review

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