Once: Episode 6: Chapter 2(3)

Recap: Sangbad and Anushka were fighting over rasogolla when they got interrupted by a female voice. 

Sangbad turned his head in disturbance being getting interrupted. Anushka also seems to be disturbed.

It was Saibal who spoke first; in his frail voice he asked “yes…”

The girl, as it seems to Sangbad, was much older than them. She was taller than other girls of his class.

“Can I sit here…because, all the benches are full…” she replied looking at Saibal.

Sangbad had a quick look around and saw there were few seats empty still then. But, they’re besides boys. Before he could say anything Priyotosh took his bag up and placed on the high bench between him and Saibal.

Sangbad frowned and stood up. Then, with a smile, says “you can as my friends want…”

As he settled down between his two friends, Anushka turned around and made a bend-lipped face to Sangbad as if she was going to cry. Before much progress goes on, Dipanwita Miss enters the class.

After a few seconds of hustle—as everybody settles down, the class went silent.  E’one was scared of her. After scrutinizing the class with her beady eyes—that were small but look big for her high power spectacles, she orders, “there’ll be complete silence as I take the attendance. I’ll call the name followed by roll number…”

She sat down on the teachers’ chair and opened up the attendance; she pressed the page of the new attendance copy with her palm to make it level before starting calling the name followed by roll number as she had said.

“This is for you…” Anushka turned around a little and pass a brown envelope to Sangbad.

Sangbad slowly and silently opens the envelope and was surprised to find the content.

The new girl stood up as Dipanwita Miss called out “Elena Mondal…”

Sangbad was going to take this sudden chance to thanks, Anushka when she sat down suddenly getting him caught as he was going to speak.

“You three are sitting together again…Saibal gets up and sits beside…” she looked around and replaced him beside another new entrant—a boy who looks like a little Sumo.

Sangbad was going to protest for this when Dipanwita Miss looked at him and said “not a word from you…no one can talk on my face in the class…except you…Saibal hurries up…I know you two are bosom friends…”

Saibal looked at two of them and then walked to the mid third bench beside the new boy with a sad face and dragging leg.

Dipanwita Miss again started calling attendance.

Sangbad takes the cover of Elena and said, “thanks, for this…I’ve searching for this color of Jetter…”

“Sangbad…” Dipanwita Miss called out.

“I’ m not talking…” he said up.

“You were talking…what shall I do with you…I can’t scold you as it is your birthday…oh…okay your punishment will be allotted tomorrow…now you roll number is 20…” she said while putting P beside his name to denote he was present.


# Jetter was a popular pen model from Reynolds

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