Guest Post: M – A Story of Period

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Sangbad Mitra

Blog: Thoughts of Words

Our society.

The great Indian society.

We speak in Hinglish or Benglish or a’thing else – whatever comes to your mind. We attire ourselves in Western outfit, we sing their songs as if they are sung by our artists, we dance to the hip-hop, Michael Jackson and all – Bharatnatyam is so old, so boring… Our favorite eating junctions are KFC, Subway, etcetera etcetera. We also like to talk in the Western colloquial – ‘yes man’ becomes ‘yoo maan’…

Where am I going with this babble and habble, eccentric talks? I’m going to talk about the treasured prejudice we hold as Indian. I’m going to talk about the ‘M’.

M = Menstruation

Shocked, I think…I can imagine…disgrace with me…I know…I know…you want to stop reading this, but first of all, you need to deny that Kamasutra had been written in India, by an Indian; you’ve to…

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