The drizzling rain drops had been gathering

On the wet electric wire

Slowly, rapidly

Slipping down

The wet hung cable

To meet each other.

(I) put my hand out

And let the salt and pepper drops

Fall on palm.

The reddish brown lines of fortune–

crisscrossed and entwined…

They’re old more than the time

I could recollect.

My thoughts, errand thoughts,

Sheltered it

Under the veil of brown thought,

Luck is what?

Is it like one of these lines?

(Or) are they like the droplets–

falling on the palm?

(Or) like the droplets

That’re slipping down

‘fore falling down 

In the water clogged road

Creating the round ripple

‘fore getting encircling

With another

Formed recent, though past, ripple…

What is luck?

Daily Prompt: Luck