Scribbled (Song of Sacrificed Souls)

After a hot scorching day

The eve look for the spell.

After the spell for long

Bela* look for breather.

What for you had came 

I overthought on

To be spell or to be breather…

Dedicated to Her

*Bela (ba-laa): I couldn’t find the proper English term for this Bengali word. The closest word that got a near-to-similar meaning is the Sanskrit term Prahar or Prahara, a term used to denote the subdivision of time approx three hours longs  each division.

According to Wikipedia:

The word commonly used in India, Pakistan, Nepal is pahar (Hindi/Nepali, Urdu), more commonly pronounced paher or peher and in West Bengal and Bangladesh is prohor (Bengali). In Hindi and Urdu the word for “afternoon” is dopahar (= two prahars). In Bengali the corresponding word is dwi-prohor or more commonly dupur.


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