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Ennead: Crowd, Names & Hymns


There she goes–slowly and steadily–I want to run and envelope her from behind…

Feelings we shared, is it there? Did we still love each other? Is this anger for the moment?

There she becomes one in the crowd. I stand in the morn sun trying to label my thoughts…


She came down from the car–drunk and careless–the door of the car closed instantly.

What’ll people call her now…what they’ll label her now…rain drizzling…traffic frenzied…

She moved aside to avoid cars…whore…prostitute…slut…what’ll be her label now…


He was strolling down the street with his servant–new and untrained–falling behind.

He had been asked many questions by him…He replied few…He needs to create labels…

He, after strolling, sat down to write hymns to teach his new servant…sad, anger, love…

#Ennead is a Noun & Rare word. It means a group or set of nine.

Daily Prompt: Label


30 thoughts on “Ennead: Crowd, Names & Hymns

  1. @Meenakshi I was about to ask the same question. I don’t find anything wrong with that woman moving out of a car. She is as free to make her choices as a man.
    A man would be applauded ki kya baat bhai kila fateh karlia and replace man with woman and she will become a shame to the family.
    I believe guys are equal part of families as women are
    Other two parts are good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok writing again!
    Why only girls are labeled or judged?
    Why fingers are pointed towards their character only?
    If in same position a boy will come out from a car and dropped by a lady, what would you like to call or label him???
    Apart from this part of poem a great attempt on this prompt!


  3. Why always girls are labeled or judged?
    Why fingers point out towards there character only?
    Otherwise a great attempt on the prompt! Just not ready to accept the middle one!


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