Ennead: Crowd, Names & Hymns

30 thoughts on “Ennead: Crowd, Names & Hymns”

      1. Okay
        Don’t mind but she’s not that old to be mentioned in a post by this name
        Jokes apart will read. Share the link.


  1. @Meenakshi I was about to ask the same question. I don’t find anything wrong with that woman moving out of a car. She is as free to make her choices as a man.
    A man would be applauded ki kya baat bhai kila fateh karlia and replace man with woman and she will become a shame to the family.
    I believe guys are equal part of families as women are
    Other two parts are good.

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    1. Ma’am, through the line “what’ll others call her…” I have attacked this thinking as I had already mentioned…there are two essays that I had written being disturbed by this labeling, oppression of women in Indian society…here are the links–



      if you want you can read them and let me know your reviews…will wait for your thoughts…

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      1. @Sangbad one comment given on the related post
        The other is a guest post so I would rather comment here

        When you go to the loo, you shit and use tissue paper to clean and you can go to a store and order for tissue paper without any shame.
        When a woman bleeds, she needs a pad for hygiene and she can go to the chemist and ask for it without any shame and I have done that without a tinge of shame
        It’s a monthly cleanliness and maintenance routine of a person who has the ability to give birth and life to a human.

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        1. this is what I want to say…why the taboo…it’s natural right…it’s not anti-social right…and you could comment in the post’s comment box because I had reblog this on my blog…

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    2. Hi Cherry this time this innocent guy again fell in trouble by our misunderstanding…Lol 😃
      Sorry bro we read it the other way! We are like wild cats just try to point towards us and we will Roarrrr 🐯
      Haha just kidding! Awesome post sorry for misunderstanding 🙏

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      1. Madamji ap log ki comment mujhe socj ne mein madaat karta hain…I like talking with you ’cause I want to know, I want to learn…by the way you two are older than me…are my Di-s so can’t say that dialogue from Don (new) re: Wild cats…a bend lip smiley…

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      2. Agree Meenakshi !!
        But the environment is such that we feel the need to defend if someone says something offensive and i guess one must take a stand though this one was a misunderstanding.

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  2. Ok writing again!
    Why only girls are labeled or judged?
    Why fingers are pointed towards their character only?
    If in same position a boy will come out from a car and dropped by a lady, what would you like to call or label him???
    Apart from this part of poem a great attempt on this prompt!


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