She leans forward and put her fair arms on the table fisting the hands. The light now highlights her face. I was shocked to see that–her face.

“Officer, these were his love bites of his minimal love…this stitch on the forehead was for falling asleep before him…this burnt spot on my wrist for denying a job on the male part…okay cut to conclusion…the stabbing was my token of love to him…now do your duty…after all you’re a man…a police officer…not my ex-lover…”

Mockeries…ironies used to always pepper and salt her annoyances.

Daily Prompt: Minimal (Token)

[I want to know your thoughts on this domestic violence, readers. I need them for an essay I’m writing on this topic. Please share your thoughts in the comment box.]


4 thoughts on “Conclusion…(Micro-Fiction)”

  1. Move out of the wedding when you spot one. There’s no excuse for acting like an animal neither alcohol nor anger. There’s no point of taking revenge from an animal. Why waste your time and resources over a monster.
    Sad part is it is truth for few
    And in rarer cases, parents don’t support moving out of wedding and there’s no respite.

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