Life (Meenakshi Sethi): A Reinterpretation

Today is World Poetry Day. And today it happens. A poet block. So here’s a reinterpretation of a poem name Life by Meenakshi Di. She had written it in Hindi and had also translated it into English. I had sought her permission to reinterpret the Hindi because I want to. So, here’s my interpretation (a free translation); to read the originals click here.

Keeping behind the lines of fortune, the faith and all
Leaving all that are incomplete, void and all–
Walking down the narrow swirl path to be far away—
From the hold-backs, being spirited, being head held high
Is what is life, my friend…

Taking the steps and not halting till the goal is achieved;
Flying high, making the determination, to reach the sky, as wings
(And) still gripping the earth with a strong soul, a stronger will.
The truth, this continuous alteration, my friend, is life…

The tales of yours entwined with mine and mine with yours–
The breath is the string, is the bridge that subtracts the gap
The story that forms at the end is what is life, my friend…

Changing with time like a day, like a season– 
Becoming more intense, bluer with the passing time–
Carrying few spoken and expressed  besides the non
Is what, my friend, known as life…

Getting prepared for the journey to the oblivion,
Accepting the fact, the truth it’s the beckoning to a start afresh—
My friend, this is what life is all about…


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