Two (Haiku/Senryu): Calm & Storm



horizon darken

sea turmoil cloud roar breeze rush

lighthouse wake path drawn


morn calm breeze let feel

void silence old days long dead

gust in heart skip beat

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #141: Breeze & Blow (Gust, Rush)

Picture: Eddystone Lighthouse During A Storm by William Daniell (1769-1837)

5 responses to “Two (Haiku/Senryu): Calm & Storm”

  1. The imagery behind your emotions is so powerful!

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    1. Thank you Prajakta…in Haiku I had tried for the 1st time this type of format…

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  2. your words were really descriptive, emotional and turbulent like the storm. very masculine indeed!

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    1. Masculine…that’s a strong word…yes I had tried this before in other forms but in Haiku its the 1st time…

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