M: A Shade of Satisfaction


The M series ends here. At first, it was not a series but a long essay of 1,500+ words. After reading two of the post by Shreya (MysteriousSoul) and Akhila (Words and Notion), I thought to post the whole essay in one go. But, while re-reading and re-editing I found it was becoming tiresome for me so what’ll happen with readers?

I, thus, cut the cake (read the essay) in two parts and let it be two pieces. The 1st part M: A Story of Period (03/08/2017) received responses. Women and young lady bloggers showered my post with their views and thoughts. Thanks for sharing your views and thoughts. This post also got the chance of being a Friday Guest Post curated by Pradita Kapahi of The Pradita Chronicles on 17th March 2017. I’m grateful to her for that because my Thoughts get extends few more steps.

The next part was to be this post, but, I was not satisfied with my writing because I don’t know much of this in the case of the female. So I did a throwback and had posted a spin-off–M: Another Shade of Love (Thoughts of Words). This was written and posted in early December of 2016. It received lukewarm responses because except few no one shares their views on this topic. But, that doesn’t dishearten me. And I ended up re-writing the promised 2nd part and now I’m going to post it. Hope you all who will read this will share her or his thoughts on this topic. 

Sangbad, Thoughts of Words, March 2017



Masturbation another topic we like to keep aside to talk on. We can speak on Sunny Leone. We can tag her pornstar and we, in friend circle obviously, talk of her past career. But, if the question arises “did you…you know…seeing her getting…you know…have done it…” Why can’t we say like this–“have you ever masturbate seeing her getting fucked up?”

I know you’ll say–“oh, come on…don’t be such a nerd…we can’t talk this out in loud you know…what’ll other think…”

“What’ll other think…” I scoff because this care of other think not letting us go a’where but to n’where.

According to Google, masturbation means stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure. The synonym follows as a lot like self-gratification, self-stimulation. There’s also one euphemistic synonym–self-abuse. I’ll talk on this one later in the next Wednesday post. But let’s get at first the pleasure part.


I’ll not go through personal experiences as I’ve none on the topic of menstruation. So what I’m going to do today for this M is taking help of some surveys that being conducted on this topic. Another thing, am not going to speak on the male portion ’cause this two series article I had planned for women. To write on how our society had made them a submissive to the wishes and whims of so call male dominated society.


Don’t take me as a Gay (a common notion they understand a lady’s pain more than a lady can herself) or s’thing else. I’m writing this because there are few things that I find disturbing, that I think as a society in whole drawing us back. I’ll soon speak on this topic because I think you, ladies, women, the girls who’re reading this, will want to know what I want to say.

Lets, so, get back to where I was.

As a boy, I don’t know how you feel being sexually deprived or hungry (I can’t get an alternate word or notion). I have less material on this as I am writing this. Yes, you can say that you have reservations, but, let me ask you in today’s world when men can talk about having sex or can talk on how Sunny Leone or Anjali Rai or some other porn stars they had checked on, why can’t you speak on it too.


It was a few years back, I had read an article in a prominent English Daily. They had conducted research (read survey) on the Indian female visitors to a renowned porn site. It was a surprising result. The survey showed that the site got a considerable high visitors from female than male; sadly I couldn’t find the article by Googling and as time dictate, memory fails to remember the percentage. But, I precisely remember two sections that got the highest clicks–lesbian and a section they curated under the name of For Ladies.

So, see what I am saying why need to be so skeptic on this. I’m not saying to discuss it in random groups. Share your idea amongst your friends, with your partner. Talk on this because you’re talking about pleasure and nothing else ladies.


Yes, I know how our society treat this masturbation matter. They made not us–the boys–feel ashame of but also the girls and ladies. But, just think of the personal space we all have; the corner we procrastinate, we adore. In this time when ladies are consider as the supreme power, inspiration for all why this masturbation will be treated as taboo like menstruation.


You’re not committing any crime; masturbation is also natural as menstruation. Masturbation deals with the longings, desire and mixture of varied emotions you ladies have (sadly I’ll not be able to talk on this because if I say s’thing it may turn out to be hurting your sentiment).


So, I’m only asking you one thing and that is speak on this. You can write on heartbreak, recovery from a bad relationship, but, why can’t you write s’thing on this self-pleasure matter. Yes, I understand these reservation things and all. But, in the era when speaking out is booming, is there need of keeping a veil on this?


By Sangbad

A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.


  1. This is a very daring post. But the way you expressed is is just awesome. I don’t know how many men think like you. Coz in this country, the word “sex” itself is a taboo leave behind other things. But I personally feel that everyone has a right to feel good about themselves and there’s no harm in it. 🙂


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