You almost frightened me with your anger that time.
How can you went away surpassing all the tears…all the unspoken…
 I can forget all these things but on exchange of accepting what…
Tell me, does everything become as they were, as it was…
The river flowing inside me, who knows all, is lifeless now
As I traverse slowly away from you…daily…each moment…
Why do you still beckon me like that…like of the old days…

To Her

These few lines is a free translation of a portion from the Bengali Song “Obhabe Keno…” from the movie “Bela Seshe: In The Autumn Of My Life” (2015).

Daily Prompt: Acceptance

27 responses to “Beckon”

  1. Khoob bhalo kore translate.:)


  2. I love the caption Sangbad! It’s not easy to get rid of memories…never


    1. Yes Di…I also think so…there are 3 more sort of this poem which you may like..they are 27th March, Time and For Now…and…

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