Run, Steal or Kill (Micro Fiction)


“You’ve to pick and run…then the turkey is all yours…” little Tania looked at Uncle before looking across the street at the cafe where her mother is.

“Darling…can you steal the necklace…” She looked outside and find out her daughter speaking with the husband; loan from this couple making their life miserable; her eyes then unknowingly went to just light on glow sign of the shop, a gray Mercedes guard her view.

Glow Sign

“What is your choice then…kill and cash…or another starved night…” He glances at the glowing sign, outside the car, and then to his boss.

Three Line Tales, Week 60


By Sangbad

A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.


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