I need you. You need me.

In bed not in life. In shower not in life.

I need you. You need me. 

I want to taste your body; want to nibble your breast; want to come inside you.

You want to undress me; want to take my release in your mouth; want me to moan.

I want you like you want me. Your satisfaction is not my lookout, but, mine is yours.

Because you’re starved of sex. And I am a medium of making you full, satiated. 

So do, what you want to do. I am all yours. Make me satisfied.

And in the return, I’ll satisfy you by letting you order me. 

I want you. You want me. 

In different ways (though), but, isn’t it what the satisfaction in love means?

A symbiosis between two bodies–

One hungry and another one taking the chance of it…

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Daily Prompt: Symbiosis