Captive: Episode 2

Recap: Veerbagh was celebrating the mid of March eve. Police Head Sudarshan Laha was having a drink with his sister and brother in law in the latter’s inn when the door was knocked harshly.

Joseph had just opened the latch, the guest flung open the door making him fall on the stone floor. It was a constable and he was panting hysterically. Sudarshan stood up and helped Joseph stood up, as the constable convey his message. Mrs. Borough, meanwhile, brought a shot of brandy which the constable drank less and dropped more.


When Sudarshan Laha reaches the Ray Manor, he saw his men had arrived already. He looked around in for someone and not finding the one his face grew red from anger for a moment. He was going to call one of the constables when one came up and said him Ray Sir was searching him for last half an hour.

“What the hell going on Sudarshan…” Atindra Ray barked at him as he enters the chamber of him.

“I don’t know much, still now…am off duty…” Laha said looking at the eyes of Ray.

“So, who is on duty…oh…wait…wait…I know…it is–” his sentence remains incomplete as the door got open, rather slammed.

A man entered the room. He’s short height and was bald. He was Abhirup Ghosh, the President of the political party of which Ray was a member.

“How far is the investigation…” he asked taking the seat of Ray.

“We had started investigating…” Laha said looking at the ground.

“Investigation…” scoff Ghosh, “it’s a funny word you know–whatever your name is…Atindra, did you remember your promise, for which, you’ve been made the Mayor…”

Atindra nods his head and said looking at the ground “yes I remember…we’re trying hard…”

“This is the result I rather we’re getting…this is not good for the party…not good for your image also…you know…” Abhirup light a cigarette from the pack that was lying on the table.

“Listen…I’m going back tomorrow…and I’m going to see what can I do to save your arse again…and, whatever your name is, I want him dead or alive within a week…no…wait…two weeks…yes, two weeks…”

Laha’s chin grew strong. Never ever he had felt insulted like this; rather, he was not talked to like this before in his long thirty years career.

“Okay…am going to complete my sleep…and Inspector what—“

“It’s Laha, Sir…Sudarshan Laha…” Atindra said looking through the corner of his eyes at the stone figure of Sudarshan Laha.

“Yes…” Abhirup brushed his eyes over the two and said “find him…don’t hide him…Atindra, same goes with you…”

After Abhirup left the room, Atindra took the cigarette pack and, after lighting one, threw the pack to Sudarshan who catches it with elan. He then lights one and sat down on the couch. Atindra came and sat down on the tea table in front of him.

“What can be done, now…Darshan…” Atindra said in a helpless tone.

“When did it happened…” Sudarshan asked in a cold voice. He was still angry.

“She was returning from  Mrs. Kapahe house with her friends and attendant…it was near the edge of the Dakshin Dwaar, a man came out of dark riding a dark color horse and picked up her before anyone can react…and he vanished in the wood with her…” Atindra narrates in one breath.

“I told you to keep her in the house…you never listen to me…” Sudarshan said in a light tone.

“I should have listened to you…” Atindra says while thrashing the cigarette into the china clay ashtray.

Sudarshan took the ashtray and thrashed his in it.

The door gets open again. A young man enters the room and before Sudarshan or Atindra can react, he came forward and shouted “I requested you…I told you…let me be her bodyguard…I love her…”

Atindra stood up and said, “you must be on duty…instead you’re drunk…and you speak of taking care of my daughter…”

The young man steps back few steps and said, “it’s none of your business…what am doing…”

“But, it’s mine…” Sudarshan said looking at him from the chair.

“Oh…you’re here also…so, now, what…what you two old men planning…are you going to find him and kill him…or something else…”

“It’s none of your business…” Sudarshan blew his brass whistle suddenly and two men in the uniform rush into the room.

“Take him away…and…put him in the cell…until morning or more than that, until and unless I order his release…” Sudarshan orders and light another cigarette.

The young man was taken away. Atindra picks up the pack and then put it down. He was going to say something when Sudarshan stood up and passed him his cigarette.

“I should go now…and start the investigation…” he said.

“Keep that bastard at bay…I know, it’s not possible…still…” Atindra said while drawing a drag.

Sudarshan looked at him. There was a pain in his eyes and shroud of cloud passed his fair face.

“What…he’s bastard…right…”

“I shall leave now…and…this time I’m going to bring him down…it’s being long…I’ve saved him…but, not anymore…”

Sudarshan walked out of the room in a slow steady step. Atindra knew this behavior.

A storm is coming…he murmured.


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  1. I am thankful tag – Have nominated you there.


    1. Thanks…we’re not long blogger friend and you nominate for this tag…thank you…will write the post by next week

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  2. Finally I made it to Captives! Yay Dada, bhalo lekh and story! I have a suggestion if you don’t mind. Email?


    1. Thank you…any suggestion welcome…

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  3. Eager to know what happens next…post the 3rd one soon.


    1. This is bi-weekly…so have to wait for 2 weeks for the next episode

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        1. ☺ guest postta bhulo na…r sokale ekta post korechi pore janio

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          1. Sure janabo…time nie porchi sob 😀


  4. Nice build up 🙂 Keeping us eager to know what happens next!


    1. ☺ thank you…mystery will reveal soon..

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