Sunflower (Micro Fiction)


It’s not ‘fore an hour he completed the sew. He rubbed his aching eyes and stood up with effort. Put on his coat and opened the door. Then he dragged the sack to the already dug hole. It took him an hour or so to complete the action of burying the sack and filling the pit. Then he took out s’thing and sow it into the soil. After you kill me, put me in the sack and bury me at the corner where I had already dug a pit; then sow some sunflower seeds–his son’s voice echoed in his head.

From Author’s Deck: 

This 100 words fiction I found in the Draft section while finding another one. It was titled as SoCS Feb, had three words as prompt–so/sow/sew and a link.  I couldn’t recollect why it was un-posted.

By Sangbad

A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.


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