For Now…and…


the curtain is flapping on the girth of the window in end-March late spring morn gust.

you’re here in my arms; am drinking the smells of yours; am finding comfort in your breath.

this is what I’m destined for to hold you in my arms forever in my memories after I woke up.

the morning is gay, the breeze being gust; untidyng my tidy room; resonating echo of once.

you’re here on my chest; you’re humming songs of Tagore; your fingers playing on my chest.

this is what I destined for to have you lock in my chest in imagination at gay morn like today.

the morning is early, still young; a calm, sereness is blended into the bidding spring wind.

you’re here looking at me, your chin on the hand resting on my chest; we both want no kiss.

this is what I destined for to see a pleasing morning turn to a melancholic one–

for now…and…

9 responses to “For Now…and…”

  1. This is so heart touching. 😊


    1. ☺ dhyanabaad…its my pleasure its touch your heart…

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    1. aj ja hawa diche tate anya kichu likhte gie eita likhlam…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha…khub bhalo laglo really! 😀


  2. Gosh, this is very moving!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for coming by and reading my poem…

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